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And We're Off! Project Launch Update

We officially launched the 'Love Our Oceans Project' on October 21st, 2021! We are out in the world, and officially impacting the Veterinary Industry on making more sustainable choices surrounding plastic waste! Woohoo! The response has been incredible, and being able to see my hard work come to fruition and take off at rocket speed has been heart-warming . I would like to mention I wouldn't of been able to launch this project without the support of my fellow coworkers, clients, my Ocean Bridge mentor/fellow ambassadors, and the Veterinary Industry as a whole. I've even had individuals at other practices reach out as they would like to launch the program at their clinics, or have asked me to come and speak about how they can reduce their plastic waste. I think this may be the beginning of something pretty amazing in our industry!

(Image: My fellow co-workers and I posing with pill vials)

Pill Vial Recycling Program Update:

I met with my fellow co-workers on launch day to present my project and get any feedback they might have before rolling out the recycling program to our clients. Not only did everyone take time out of their busy day to hear my presentation, but coworkers on their days off zoomed in (Thank you Team SBVH! I adore you all!). That afternoon we launched the project: I set up my QR codes in the exam rooms where clients are able to sign up for the Recycling Program themselves, and we got to work on verbally letting clients know we rolled out a recycling program where they can bring back their pill vials for re-use or recycling and receive 10% off their dispensing fee every time they do so. My very first appointment of the afternoon after launching the program, I went into the exam room to advise the client of our recycling program, and they told me they had already signed up using the QR code in the room! I squealed and got quite excited letting them know they were the very first to sign up! I would have hugged them if it was socially acceptable, but decided against this as not to terrify you know, the whole pandemic/social distancing boundaries. Since launch day we have had clients signing up, pill vials being brought back, and we have been dedicated on informing clients on how they can become involved. My RVT Mermaid heart is warm and inspired, and we continue to build and develop on this program as the days continue. Here's a few photos from launch day: As you can tell...I was pretty excited!

(Image: Myself posing with pill vial recycling tub and pill vial)

(Image: Pill Vial Recycling Tub)

Liquid Control Audit Weight Based Methodology Update:

Oh the dreaded control audits! How you continue to haunt me! Alongside the pill vial recycling program, I launched a weight based method for measuring volumes of controlled substances as they need to be accurately measured and are regularly audited. Instead of auditing these medications by drawing each solution up in a plastic syringe, I opted to try a weight based methodology therefore discontinuing the need to use excess plastic to measure these solutions. I purchased a jewellery gram scale that measures to 0.01g, and developed a (g/mL) legend for each medication thinking I could utilize this conversion to confirm volumes of these medications. However, it seems this legend does not quite account for variances between bottles, so as hopeful as I was, it's back to the drawing board for now for this part of the project. I did meet with my mentor, and we have some ideas to try. I will report back soon with updates! This is how the cookie crumbles though, and honestly, all we can do is try. If it doesn't work, well...I'm stubborn, and it will be back to square one until we have our answer! I am committed to discontinuing the use of plastic syringes/needles for liquid control audits. It will happen my friends. It will happen.

That's all for now. Things are in full swing, and each day I get more and more excited with this project. It's sparked something inside me, and I can't wait to continue seeing it progress. I would also like to note for those of you reading that work in the industry, if you would like to become involved with the project in your own practice, please reach out. I am here to help! I will continue to update on what's happening over the coming weeks, but for now...we'll just keep swimming (as a wise blue fish once said)!


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